Management Tip: 5 Simple Ways To Bring Out The Best In Your People

Lawrence AulsIt is something all managers yearn to do, yet, but it is easier said than done: bringing out the best work from your people.

How frequently are managers frustrated by employee under performance? Some studies show that up to 70 percent of employees are disengaged and emotionally disconnected from their work. But, he most effective management strategies to create a better working environment are often simple and basic. All five of these tips cost nothing.

  1. The tone at the top– Lead  by example. Set an example by your own behavior at work.  Your ethics will make it easy for employees to respect you. Nobody wants to follow a boss they don’t respect, however  they are eager to follow those that they do.
  2. Take an interest in people throughout the course of their careers – Some studies show that the best companies r motivate their people by focusing on career development.  It’s human nature and only makes sense. All employees are interested in the course of their careers.
  3. Ambitious but with realistic expectations – Both in written job objectives and informal day-to-day conversations, set targets that stretch your employees but are attainable. Let them know that you have high (but reasonable) standards.
  4. Provide honest feedback on a regular basis – The key word is “honest.” As in candid feedback that neither avoids the hard stuff or ignores the positive attributes. If employees aren’t getting regular feedback, how will they know if they are doing well or need to adjust?
  5. Get to know who your people areas people. ­ If you want to bring out the best work from your employees, you have to try to understand them. Try to gain a base level of understanding of their interests, what bothers them, what they care about, and what motivates them. Is it respect, money, praise, a bigger office, or a chance to spend more time with their kids?

The items in this list are simple and free ways to make your employees want to work for you.  The best managers are often both insightful and employee-centric. They understand their employee  and know that bringing out their best will ultimately drive results.

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