Hybrid Emergency Exit Sign

Lawrence Auls Hybrid Emergency Exit SignsIt’s easy to take everyday things for granted. Take exit signs, for example. Emergency exit signs save lives during times of panic and disaster.

In 2009, an innovative idea for improving the classic emergency exit sign was struggling to come to market. The idea was simple, but provided a way for exit signs to be even more effective when we need them most. After years of trying to find a market for the product, business developer Lawrence Auls was brought onto the project. Tasked with raising capital, seeking talent, and creating an organizational game plan for the project, Auls began what would become a years-long period of growth.

The sign itself was created by Tom Brignall, a veteran of the exit sign industry. The technology involved used photo luminescence to give the sign greater visibility in dark, smoky, and otherwise hard-to-see environments. The idea was different enough that the team behind it felt that more than save lives, the product could be a worldwide creator of jobs. But at this point it was still just an idea.

Lawrence Auls, serving as both business developer and director of operations, started with the concept and just a crude prototype. Hiring a visionary architect to create a newer version for testing brought about very positive results. Electrical engineers gave the product a thumbs up, and soon Auls brought on an angel investor. Then the notable Underwriters Laboratories (UL) did further testing, which gave the team ideas for product refinement and ideas for further development of marketing materials. Soon the team was testing manufacturing facilities and seeking distribution channels.

What resulted is a stellar product: the world’s first Hybrid Emergency Exit Sign, Model 911. The product tested so well by American and international accreditation bodies that it has been deemed officially ‘Emergency Lighting Equipment.’ The product is a game-changer in it’s field, and we can expect to see it installed in various locations worldwide in the coming years.

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