Lawrence Auls

Lawrence Auls

Lawrence Auls has been a trusted businessman and negotiator since childhood. An industrious child, his first memories of ‘getting things done’ occurred in his Alabama neighborhood, growing up. Lawrence wanted to purchase penny candies in town, and he saw an opportunity in deliveries.

When the women on his street were cooking lunch, they often needed to run out to purchase an ingredient or two. Lawrence offered to make these trips for them in exchange for a couple pennies. A trustworthy delivery boy, soon the women would holler down the street, ‘SEND THAT BOY DOWN THERE!’

Learning the importance of earning trust and serving a community in need, he parlayed this experience into a much larger cause. Fifteen or so years later, he found himself living in Muncie, Indiana, where there was a real need for strong leadership in the civil rights struggle going on there. The president of the local chapter of the NAACP was being intimidated by local police authorities, and was coerced into skipping an important community gathering. At 22, Lawrence was already recognized as a leader and connector. He walked up and moderated the gathering, gaining himself a reputation as a local folk hero of sorts. It was then a quick journey to become the youngest president of a local NAACP chapter in the organization’s history.

This started what would become a lifetime of community organizing, with an eye on both civil and human rights. Where President Barack Obama turned this into a political career, Mr. Auls directed his path toward private business.

After turning several large electrical & wholesale businesses into profitable successes, Mr. Auls was then sought out by companies as an independent consultant. He had a great track record of assessing issues within a large corporation and organizing the process of getting it back on track.

Over the years, Mr. Auls has popped up at the highest levels of society. He has dealt with politicians, heads of industry, and great minds. He continues to work with his new venture with Glow Light Emergency Exit Products, producing a revolutionary, game changing new take on the classic exit sign.

Most recently Mr. Auls has launched an initiative to give African Americans in Columbus, Ohio the opportunity to attend classes and receive information to promote brain health in the community. Global Life Chances Improvement Initiative aims to take brain health beyond just the behavioral aspects of it. With programs aimed at children, young adult males and individuals suffering from mental illness, Mr. Auls wants to make sure everyone can receive the help they need to live a healthier life.

For more information on Lawrence Auls’ exciting new venture, take some time to explore the links found on this site. More information will be posted as it becomes available, including ways to get involved on the ground floor.